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Thanks to our new investment, we can print on all main raw materials of flexible packaging regardless of thickness, such as PET, OPP, CPP, PE.

We can also laminate on these printed materials with materials such as PET, aluminium, metallized PET, OPP, metallized OPP, CPP, PE in 2, 3 or 4 layers depending on your request and the material’s structure.

Also depending on your request and the material’s structure, you can prefer films with special barriers by taking into consideration the permeability of air and humidity. In special cases you can increase the number of layers as much as you like without any limitations.

Furthermore, we can provide you solutions in special projects thanks to our R&D department’s studies with the support of our suppliers.

We can easily provide solutions to industries such as Food, Cosmetics, Hygiene and many others.

Food packaging Dairy products
Meat products
Dried nut products
Dried fruit products
Coffe products
Spice products
Candy, chips & similar products
Bakery products
Tea packaging
Frozen products
Sachet packaging suitable for liquid filling such as ketchup, mayonnaise & mustard
PET food

Cosmetics & Hygiene Wet wipes folio
Powder detergent

Other Seeds
Agricultural pesticide products
Industrial products

In one order you can receive products in quantities such as 50, 100, 150, 200 kg or 15-20 tonnes. Therefore you can avoid extra costs with the absence of minimum order quantity. Especially for new products you will launch into the market, you can purchase in very low quantities and have the opportunity to manage supply according to the demand.

You have the choice of purchasing your products in rolls, as well as singularly in finished formats such as THREE-SIDE WELDED, DOYPAVK WITH or WITHOUT ZIP, QUADRO, BLOCK BOTTOM etc.