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A catalogue is a promotional tool for product or services of a company. Catalogues, an indispensable tool for presentation and publicity of a company, are an easy way of achieving desired goals. There are numerous applications such as multipage, wire stitched or sewn bound or hard covered, or luxury bound. The attractiveness of the catalogue can be increased by use of extra applications such as embossing, spot UV, matt or glossy lamination, and gilding. The quality of a catalogue reflects the quality of the advertised product and represents brand value.

Brochure is a product that contains materials such as photos and detailed information, products, services, prices, campaigns, etc. of your company, which support your sales and general promotion. Brochures can be single-page as well as multi-pages. These are descriptive, informative, and introductory printed materials that emphasize important aspects of your business. They can be wire-stitched as well as single-folded or accordion folded.

Magazine is a type of periodical which is non-daily, regular publication that can be published in periods of 2, 3, 4 or 6 months, in addition to monthly publications. Many colored photographs, pictures and cartoons can be found in the magazines in addition to news, articles, criticism, research and reviews. Wire-stitching, perfect binding and thread sewing options are available for production of magazines.

Educational books include a variety of educational content, varying from school books to story books, from dictionaries to play cards, from colouring books to educational books addressing a specific age range. They are educational, informative, in the nature of guiding and improving readers.