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Food industry enjoy a substantial part of packaging uses today. Packages play a crucial role in enabling that many foodstuff such as dried nuts, dry legumes, powdered drinks, etc. are offered fresh to consumers without losing their nutrients. Therefore; printing quality, upright position, material selection or employment of special techniques with respect to the packages available on the shelves provide an advantage to brands for being the preferred one.

We, as Omur Etiket Ambalaj A.S., have the Food Registry Certificate, and the Certificate of Registration for Food Premises granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, as well as the globally-valid BRC Certificate, and produce packages to touch the product directly.

We can perform printing and lamination applications up to 3 folds with PET, OPP, PE, CPP and the transparent, white or metalized derivatives of these materials. We produce packages at any quantity or weight as you wish, and deliver them to you as soon as possible.

We use different types of materials such as light, moisture and air barrier depending on the type of product to be placed inside the packages. We work jointly with our R&D department meticulously to select the ideal materials. We offer you with various design alternatives to provide ease of use such as printed roll packages or sealed packages if requested (Doypack, Quadro, Block Bottom, etc.) which are all appropriate for vertical or horizontal packaging machines.