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We print on 3 layered materials.

Top layer: Coated, PP (opaque, transparent), clear clear, thermal (eco, laminated), PE, metalized (coated, PP, PE), special materials (holographic, special textured, security etc.)

Glue: Permanent (acrylic), hot melt (rubber), non-perm, special glues (wet wipe, hot fill, deepfreeze etc.)

Bottom layer: Pergamine-bearing (glassine), pet-bearing

Ink: UV-based inks, silk screen inks, special inks (gold, silver, metallic, etc.), UV-based and water-based lacquer

Special applications: Scratch off, variable data, scent printed and piggyback (multilayer)

Silk screen applications: Writing, image, embossment, effect lacquer

Foil stamping: Hot and cold foil

Consumables: Cliché, cutter (wood, magnetic, cylinder) silk screen plates, zinc plates, hot foil cylinder